My Body, My Self

This support group brings together women who experienced sexual assault in the past. The women in this support group provide each other with much-needed emotional support, a refuge from toxic messages, and a environment where they can grieve together in an environment of understanding and empathy.

This group may be appropriate for women who…

    • Have experienced one or more instances of sexual or intimate assault–including, but not limited to, rape, attempted rape, groping, and forced intimacy.
    • Experienced this assault more than 6 months in the past. I strongly recommend that women whose trauma is recent seek individual counseling before thinking about joining a group.
  • Are currently in distress and struggling with painful emotions, thoughts, and/or behavior, for whatever reason.

Important Notes

Cost: This group is sustained by members’ paying whatever they are willing and able at the end of each session, depending on their individual circumstances. No woman will be turned away because of an inability to pay.

Membership: This group is limited to eight members, and new members are able to start only at the first meeting of each month.

Invitations to join: The group meets weekly in Brookline, MA. Details of meeting time and location will be provided to new members following an initial interview. An invitation to join this group will be offered based on each individual’s appropriateness for the group and availability of space. The facilitator reserves the right to deny membership to any individual at her own professional discretion.

A little context for this group…

For countless survivors of sexual violence and aggression, the current social and political climate in America has been a new and exceedingly painful experience. Forced day after day to relive their own past traumas and assaults, women across the country have reacted to these new waves of aggression in many different ways.

Some lucky women have taken refuge in the familiar comforts of a nurturing home, family, and friends. Others have found themselves awash in sorrow and overwhelmed by painful, vivid, unwanted memories of their own suffering. Still others have risen up with strength and perhaps anger, furiously defending the now well-known women who’ve bravely shared stories of abuse at the hands of a shocking number of prominent and powerful men.

Perhaps the most damaging aspect of the current political and social climate is the repetitive normalization of sexual aggression and violence in men. Built into this message is the objectification of the women who are victims of such assaults, the denial of their humanity and the implication that women’s bodies belong not to themselves, but instead to men, to do with as they will. Such messages, repeated time and time again over the course of a woman’s lifetime, have the potential to do untold harm–especially to women who have been traumatized by men in intimate, physical assaults.

In this group, women who have shared these painful experiences have the opportunity to seek support for themselves, offer support to others, and benefit from the security of a sheltered, nurturing environment.

If you would like more information, please contact me to arrange a private conversation either over the phone or in person, at no charge to you.